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Name:Read the Rainbow
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Membership of this comm is heavily moderated. We encourage brutal honesty on the merits, or lack thereof, of any ebooks reviewed. Because of this, we ask authors to please not apply.

If you applied for membership and were denied, it is likely because you applied with a new, empty, or private journal. Please contact admin if you have further questions about an application.

If approved, please go here for posts of interest.

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anti-recommendations, do hemipenes need a warning, ebooks, f/f, fantasy, gay romance, good books, happy ever after, i think werewolves is legit a genre at this point, independent publishing, lesbian romance, m/m, mystery, paranormal romance, poly fiction, queer fiction, read this immediately, recommendations, recs, reviews, romance, science fiction, self-publishing, seriously don't read that, seriously fuck hfn endings, suspense, terrible books, thriller
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